Welcome to Smart Innovations! The company that develops industry changing automated solutions. Learn more about all the amazing things we create!

Welcome to Smart Innovations!

Our goal is to continually innovate and improve the way things are done. To improve a process that hasn’t been changed or upgraded in many years, or is extremely cumbersome, time consuming or laborious. We use cutting edge technology in industrial applications, be it electronics, electrical, pneumatics, voice recognition technologies etc.
We thereby increase efficiencies, productivity and can reduce labour. This makes industries reduce cost and become more profitable.

The primary goal for our company is to use technology to improve the way processes are done. We have a patented grading machine that greatly improves the labour and time involved in the entire sorting process for used clothing manufacturers.


Smart Innovations creates automated systems primarily for the used clothing industry. Having developed clothes and shoes sorting machines that have redefined how the industry operates by creating tremendous efficiencies through automation.

Take a look at our products and how they function in the used clothing industry.

Our Products

The Sorting Machine

Our product consists of a patented auto grading system for the used clothing industry.
This is a system that reduces cost by combining two processes into one. It uses the latest in technology which dramatically increases efficiency, reduces labour , reduces fatigue and strain, saves space and generates enormous statistical data.

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The Shoe Machine

The shoe machine increases the productivity and efficiency as it handles the shoes only once as opposed to manual sorting. The entire operation can be done in a small space with just one operator.

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Robotic Feeding System:

The robotic feed simulates a human feeding clothes to the mezzanine system. Since this is a machine it doesn’t get tired and has a consistent and uninterrupted  feed throughout the day which increases efficiency and production.

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